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GMOs or genetically modified organisms are completely overused in this country. They are being used for feeding livestock, growing the size of crops, and even getting more desirable shade of color in crops. I am not one who is wary of the side effects of ingesting GMOs, but I am concerned that they may be irreparably harming the Ecosystem. There are people who would rather not pay for GMOs so they try to shop in only organic supermarkets, but the fact that these crops are being grown in fields instead of just labs increase the chance that they can pollinate non modified plants. The FDA recently approved the sale of a genetically modified apple that does not turn brown, it is absurd that the vast advancements humanity has made in genetics, is now being used to make a fruit that will soon be eaten more aesthetically pleasing. Genetically modified organisms need more testing, or need to be more clearly labeled. While I would still eat these crops, the public needs to have the right to refuse to eat them if they so choose. I would love to see more government regulation on GMOs and their growth before they become the norm, and while side effects due to GMO consumption have not been found, there should be a thorough process of testing these crops before they are approved for sale and consumption.