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Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, yet it seems to be completely forgotten in the United States. In this country soccer is not only a sport that many are uninterested in but it is also a sport, which is much maligned for no legitimate reason. The lack of interest in soccer is only intensified by the fact that the USA men have never managed win a World Cup, let alone make it to the finals. The USA women have managed to win two world cups in the short time the Women’s World Cup has been around, but that still has failed to give soccer a larger fanbase stateside. Soccer seemed to gain a resurgence of fans this summer as the U.S. men made an impressive run in the World Cup, but that quickly lost its thunder as the team failed to advance, and other sporting seasons began to take shape. I really enjoyed watching the World Cup this summer but when all of the fanfare died down I realized, I am not a real soccer fan, and like many other U.S. fans, I only enjoy the sport every four years. Soccer in the United States faces two major issues and both have to do with the more popular sports in this country. The first issue soccer faces in this country is the lack of young American talent interested in the game, children of this country are not exposed to soccer stars the way children in Brazil and Portugal are, kids here want to be the next Michael Jordan, and have absolutely no inclination of who soccer greats such as Pele or Maradona are. The second issue ties into the first, it is that the best young soccer players go play other sports that would guarantee them more fame and money stateside. The NFL is littered with great players who were once in love with soccer, the issue is kids are just not exposed to the benefits of the game as well as they are to the benefits of American sports. Soccer players overseas are making millions more than top athletes in American sports, but the American soccer league, the MLS, is paying Americans too little to aspire them to join. I don’t think soccer will ever be very big here in The United States, but with the way the Men’s team played in the last World Cup, and the talent on the Women’s team, I am certain the U.S. will be seeing more World Cup gold within the next 20 years.