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Why is it so hard to make difficult decisions? It is always an easy decision to choose chicken or beef, but when it comes to picking a place to live or where to go to school, it becomes an issue that needs much more thought. I hate when I take my time and deliberate wisely on a topic, only to find at a later time that I have made the wrong decision. I understand that important decisions take time to fully show their outcome, but it is disheartening to see the immediate adverse effects of a choice. Making an important decisions is a difficult enough task when it involves your own matters alone, but when a decision involves another person the stakes are magnified. I think about times when I was placed in charge of a younger sibling, I often had to weigh the consequences of any choice much more heavily than I would have if it only involved myself. There was a recent finding in a study that states it is easier to make decisions, if you act as though you are making the choice for somebody else, I find that interesting since I personally find it more difficult to chose for others since they would have to live with my choice. I guess the basic idea behind the finding is that when choosing for others, we tend to make the fastest and most beneficial choice, so in a sense, we make the choice that makes the most sense. Making life decisions will never be easy, but making choices and finding ways to adapt to the outcomes make life livable, and make us human.