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Apple announced a new product today, so that means it’s time for everybody to run out and wait in line to spend their money. Apple Watch, the companies take on the smartwatch, was finally unveiled this afternoon. There has been speculation for years that Apple would be joining the smartwatch game, and today in their press conference they not only joined the fray, but also set themselves apart from, and well beyond the competition. I obviously have not yet had a chance to play with an Apple Watch, but Apple’s price point alone sets it up as a premium luxury product. There are many smartwatches already on the market, all with some fantastic features, but there are no smartwatches currently available that have the audacity to be priced at 17 thousand dollars. The fact that the highest end Apple Watch is more expensive than the starting price of several new cars, leads me to believe Apple is ready to completely rid the market of the competition. I would never buy a watch that is as expensive as the high end “watch edition” Apple Watch, but Apple seems to be confident that enough people will be interested in purchasing this pricey model. Apple’s pricing strategy seems absurd, but I can see how it can pay off in the long run. Most people who are into superfluous spending would never look to buy a budget or discount product, with apple making such a high end high priced product, they have effectively and possibly permanently cornered the market of spenders who want the absolute top of the line smartwatch. Apple has always been a company to draw immense levels of hype for their products, and seeing as this is their first smartwatch, I’m sure the levels are higher than ever. I wouldn’t rate the Apple Watch as the best smart watch of all time just yet, but I will most likely head out to the apple store to pick one up when it’s available. While I, like most people, will have to wait until late April to get my hands on one of these watches, I am sure it is already the public’s favorite smartwatch.applewatch