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A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life.

-Norman Cousins

When I was growing up libraries were used mainly for one thing, reading quietly. Libraries were also places to go for studying, doing research, and generally doing projects or tasks that would otherwise be too difficult to do at home with all of the distractions. Libraries were a place to go and think, I used to go to libraries to pick up books, read and learn about new books, and even create my own, many of my ideas were born in libraries. In recent days libraries have seemed to forget why they were special, libraries were never hip or a place for the cool kids to hang out, but they have been turned into small clubs. I can only really speak for the libraries in New York when I say this, but libraries have lost what made them special to a person like myself. A large library was recently built not too far from where I live, and when I looked inside I was shocked to see the library had at least 2 large televisions mounted on the wall, both playing a sporting event. Now as a kid I would have loved to walk into a library to watch the Yankees, but I wasn’t there to watch sports, I went there to read. I noticed at another library that the focus of the public library has shifted from sharing books, to being a multimedia community center. The entire adult literature section was pushed into corners as the central area housed computers and tables where people generally were using their own notebook computers, or those borrowed from the library. I understand that in this day and age computers are necessary to advance in learning and many other areas, and those individuals on computers may have been reading or writing their own literature, but the fact that a gentleman was able to have an uninterrupted telephone conversation at an elevated volume leads me to believe the motives of this library’s patrons were less productive. I used to love the library, and I would love for my children to someday have a chance to discover books with the same freedom I was able to in the library, but in its current state, the library will soon be nothing more than an after school hangout. Hopefully there can be more regulation placed on public libraries in the coming years, to bring the focus back to literature. I would love to see the libraries of yesterday once again become the libraries of tomorrow.