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Spring is just around the corner and I can just feel the happiness in the air. One of the major things I love about living in New York City is how much the city changes during the different seasons, and due to the changes in seasons I regularly find myself longing to do activities I don’t even like, just to escape from the current weather. During the cold of winter, I start dreaming of being able to enjoy the beach again, yet I don’t really like the beach at all. I don’t hate the beach but I just really hate the feeling of sand on my feet so I tend to stay away, cold weather makes the beach seem way more enjoyable than it actually is to me. The same thing happens with hot weather, when it is too hot I can’t wait for the first snowfall, I almost dream for snow until I am knee deep in it, sorrowfully shoveling and clearing it off of my car. It is said that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and changes in weather show just how true that phrase is. I am almost envious of individuals who get to live in one type of climate all year, but they too have to deal with the weather woes of their region. To be completely honest there is only one type of weather I would be able to live with all year round and that is the cool autumn temperatures, but if I can’t have that I would gladly continue to live with the seasonal northeast weather. I look forward to an enjoyable three months of spring, I will gladly deal with the occasional storms as I await the blistering heat of summer.