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March Madness is here, this is the time of year when business productivity drops, and betting increases, as a bunch of “amateur” athletes vie for immortality. The NCAA tournament has changed slightly over the years, adding teams and play in games, but one thing is certain, when the madness begins, you either join it or get out of the way. This college basketball season has been a long one, yet I have stayed away from watching games to save my viewership for March, and I must say it has been well worth the wait. I really enjoy watching the relative unknowns of the smaller schools, like my alma mater UAlbany, make legitimate cases for the national championship. The NCAA tournament is a time when every school has a chance to be known, as the goliaths of the major conferences try to stave off the efforts of the hungry cinderellas, desperate to get a chance at the crown. The next three weeks will be littered with plenty of astounding basketball games, and amazing stories. I will be posting a full list of my tournament predictions once the table is set, hopefully I do better than I did for the Superbowl. It is going to be a great month of March, enjoy the madness and happy Pi Day everyone!