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Hillary Clinton, the top democratic candidate for the 2016 presidential election, came under scrutiny last week for using her own private email and server while she was Secretary of State, instead of using a government issued email. Aside from her excuses for using a private email, the former Secretary of State seemed overall unapologetic about the issue. Hillary Clinton, of all people, should understand the job of and motivation of the media when it comes to politicians. As the former First Lady to a president who had a controversial stay in office, she should have known that everything she does is and will forever be under the microscope. I don’t think this will affect the presidential hopes of Mrs. Clinton but I do think she showed poor judgment in these actions, and she should have taken a more proactive role in deflecting the media toward pressing issues rather than trying to feign ignorance on this one. In a press conference she said she used her personal email for the convenience of carrying one device, now I understand that mistakes can be made when using one device for personal and business needs, but it is not really an inconvenience to simply have 2 emails on one device. I am fully in favor of individual privacy, but when it comes to the business matters of the Secretary of State, there needs to be a level of transparency. While the transparency will most certainly not pertain to the citizens of the country, the government at large should at least be able to know whom official documents are being shared with and what high ranking officials are sharing. Honestly, seeing as an election is coming up next year, there will be dozens of news reports regarding the private lives of potential candidates. Every candidate who hopes to be the next President of the United States needs to use the months leading up to the primaries to either clean out their closets, or rethink their candidacy.