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Over the past couple of weeks there has been several terrible stories related to fraternities and their members in the news. These reports involved some disturbing topics such as racism, drug sales, and even rape. Many people may look at these stories and wonder “what happened to ‘Greek life?’” but I must say, based on my college experience, that these things are not new, and frankly I would be shocked if the Universities and Fraternities involved where actually oblivious to these behaviors. I have never been in a frat, but I have been recruited countless times, and I have many friends who were heavy in “Greek life,” one of the things that is clear about fraternities today, is that they are little more than high powered street gangs. Fraternities feed on and foster an environment of misogyny, the alcohol fueled actions of frat brothers are only amplified by the peer pressure to which they so readily adhere. I remember several frat brawls taking place during my time in college, and all of them involved alumni in some way. Whatever these students are taught during their time in a frat is heavily imbedded into who they are, and it continues to be spread to new members of the groups. All fraternities are not bad, some decent chapters are now tainted by the actions of some of their distant frat brothers, but a few bad apples do spoil the appearance of the bunch. The problems that occur with fraternities cannot be easily fixed if at all, unfortunately the only way to fix fraternities is to find the ones who are breaking rules and shut them down. “Frat boys” have never been the most upstanding individuals, but their transgressions were almost always kept secret, in the internet age nothing is secret, so frats need to settle down and clean up their actions or prepare for the consequences.