I was right on 10 out of 16 matchups from yesterday, and I predicted that Georgia State would give Baylor a run for their money. Georgia State along with UAB, shocked the nation by winning over their heavily favored opponents. I really hope to see a parade of upsets in todays matchups, but I still cannot bring myself to choose some of the underdogs. Here are my choices for today:

Duke over Robert Morris

Albany over Oklahoma 

Kansas over New Mexico State

Michigan State over Georgia

I am an Albany alum, so I have to root for my alma mater in this one, they have a solid chance at an upset given their playing style and the results of yesterday’s matchups. I also really like Duke in this tournament, I expect them to go very far.

Northern Iowa over Wyoming 

Buffalo over West Virginia

Wichita State over Indiana

Virginia over Belmont

As we saw from Thursday’s games upsets can and will happen, but I am sure most of the higher ranking teams playing today will be thinking about how embarrassing an upset is, and will play extra hard to avoid such an outcome.

Davidson over Iowa

Louisville over UC Irvine

Maryland over Valparaiso 

Oregon over Oklahoma State

This group is basically favorites winning except for the Davidson upset of Iowa, look out for this game, as the high powered Davidson offense can possibly take Iowa by surprise and win big.

Wisconsin over Coastal Carolina

St Johns over Sandiego State

Gonzaga over North Dakota State

Dayton over Providence 

This last grouping of games is quite diverse, I predict Wisconsin and Gonzaga will win in blowouts, but the other two games will be very close and extremely exciting. I am especially thrilled that New York City’s own St. John’s Red Storm is back in the tournament, and in position to make a legitimate run for a title.

My picks were not perfect yesterday, but they are only predictions, very good predictions. Hopefully today’s picks are perfect, enjoy the games everyone!