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Why are people so quick to blame others for their actions? Why is it so often that individuals deflect blame? Is it possible that some are more blamable than others? I like to go by a way of life in which I actively make sure I do not blame others for the outcomes of my actions. I try not to get into self blame so I take my actions at face value, when I do something regrettable I find a way to atone for it and I move on, there is really no reason to find anyone to blame when I acknowledge what I’ve done wrong and fix it. I like to think that if I had a time machine and the ability to change events, I would change my choices or actions rather than look to interfere with another individual. Even though I try not to blame others, I can’t change the world on my own, and everyone seems to have a method and reason for blaming others. Blame is actually a psychological function that basically allows the blamer to maintain a sense of superiority over the person they are blaming. In large companies a top executive almost never gets fired for their own faux pas, they just shift the blame to their subordinates and take corrective action upon the wrong person. I don’t think it’s possible for a person to be more blamable than another, but there are reasons why people tend to accept a disproportionate amount of blame. The idea of being blamed or blaming others essentially comes down to self confidence. In my opinion it takes confidence to admit a mistake and make the necessary changes to remedy the situation, blame does nothing to fix a situation, and in passing blame the blamer just adds confusion to a problem that could have been easily corrected.