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What do you see when you look up at the clouds? I believe you see what you are thinking about or what is on your mind, while others believe you see where you want to be or what is in your heart. Since spring has only just begun I’ve only had one clear day to actually look up at the clouds, and while I don’t do it often, I always find something interesting. The other day, my mother called a cloud to my attention and asked me what I saw, I saw an airplane and she saw a cat’s paw reaching for something. I certainly don’t think my mother has dreams of owning a cat any time soon, as raising five children and being a school teacher is already enough responsibility, but what I saw is quite possible exactly what was on my mind and heart. After I graduated college I decided to return home to the city I grew up, which makes sense due to the fact that it is New York City, but I have never actually felt like New York is the place for me. I love the city, but I really enjoy traveling much more, when the right time comes I won’t hesitate to move, but for now it’s where I am and I just need to work to get to where I want to be. Cloud watching is like God’s Rorschach test, it is scientifically clear what is seen when staring at a cloud, but if you think about it, the deeper thoughts in your mind often come through when looking at the simplest of things. To return to my initial story, my mother is a science teacher, so seeing a paw of a cat may not be too far from her mind as it is the anatomy of a living thing, anyhow take a look up at the clouds sometime, you may find that you are seeing the thing that is really on your heart.