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Laughter is extremely important to the wellbeing of humanity. Did you know laughter is the only language that every human being speaks, it is also the first language a baby learns. Babies laugh early and often, they even understand using laughter as a method of bringing levity to a situation. Laughter is a response that humans and some primates have to a humorous situation, or to external stimuli such as tickling. The act of laughing has actually been shown to relieve stress and in some instances even strengthen the immune system. There is a common phrase that states “laughter is the best medicine,” and while it may not actually be a medicine, it has beneficial effects that can reduce the need for medicine and help maintain good health. Laughter goes deeper than just a showing of amusement, laughter and humor may actually be genetic, while I personally have met people who are totally different in humor than their parents there are always cases of variance when talking about genetics. Often times my parents don’t fully understand my humor, but when it comes to sarcasm I am fully confident that we share the same “humor gene.” Laughter is necessary, if everyone took time out in the day to laugh with one another, rather than at one another, I am sure the world would be a much more peaceful and enjoyable place.