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Post apocalyptic fiction is very popular these days, from stories about zombies to random diseases wiping out most of the population, there are many different forms of media related to this genre. I find post apocalyptic fiction intriguing, I love watching the shows and reading the literature related to it, but it is far too unlikely to ever actually happen. I understand that it is fiction so I should really take it with a grain or two of salt, but it is so unlikely that I have to explain my qualms with the genre. The first issue I have with post apocalyptic fiction is the fact that the infrastructure of the cities and countries in which they are based is largely intact. I am not a civil engineer, but from what I know about cities like New York and Chicago, the infrastructure needs almost constant maintenance. If anything like the events of shows such as The Walking Dead, and the Last Man on Earth, ever happened there would be numerous manhole explosions, water main breaks, gas leaks, and power outages. Another issue I have is the total lack of faith in humanity many of these shows portray, humans are very resilient, and if there are more than two in any setting they will use their skills to help each other out, and learn the skills necessary to survive. Many of the titles in this genre exist under a premise that humans are blood thirsty barbarians, only set on survival, completely disregarding the fact that survival takes cooperation in most instances. Post apocalyptic fiction is and always will be a popular genre for storytelling and entertainment, I am just happy that I never have to live in a world where I would have to deal with the reality of a zombie outbreak.