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A few days ago I wrote a post about napping and the benefits of such a “hobby,” after learning of how useful napping can be, I attempted to take a twenty minute nap daily to observe the benefits. I found that I could only honestly bring myself to do this “nap challenge” for two days, and the second day I could not even make myself fall completely asleep. It was excruciating, I would wake up groggy, lethargic, extremely tired, and unable to sleep at night. I am generally a huge fan of sleep, at night, and when something hinders my sleep I am automatically at odds with it. I understand that there may be long term benefits to napping, but I have concluded that those benefits just aren’t for everyone. Napping is almost like exercise at this point, there are many benefits to it, and everyone should do it, but some people would just rather not, and I am fine with that. Taking a nap during the day, for me, was extremely detrimental to my productivity. I had a list of several tasks set out for the day, and due to a “nap hangover,” I was only able to do one of the tasks, and it was quite forced. I am concluding that the benefits of napping just don’t outweigh the cost. From now on I am going to leave napping to the very old, and the very young. I will be sure to only take naps when I am sick, as my productivity will already be slightly hampered.