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The NCAA quarterfinals starts today, and all of the teams who have been privileged enough to make it this far will be playing hard to stay in this tournament. This round of the tournament is often referred to as “The Elite 8,” and of the final eight remaining teams there are really no shockers, each team is a perennial powerhouse looking to bolster the notoriety of their program. This weekends games will prove who is the best in each region, and solidify the Final Four matchups. Here are my picks:

Wisconsin over Arizona

Wisconsin plays a slower style of basketball than I am used to enjoying, but the team’s off court antics have me secretly rooting for them to win it all. Wisconsin Forward, Nigel Hayes, has been entertaining college basketball fans with his expansive vocabulary, and his infatuation with stenography. Nigel has been trying to stump the stenographers all week by randomly tossing “academic words” into his press conferences. I hope Wisconsin makes it to the final four, just so media day will be slightly more interesting.

Kentucky over Notre Dame

What can I really say about The Kentucky Wildcats, these extremely talented young basketball players, who have a chance to all be drafted into the NBA this year, are still undefeated. Kentucky even doubled the score of their last opponent after hearing of the Twitter trash talk from one of the team’s players. This team is just too good to root against, and too good to bet against. I not only have them winning this game handily, but I have them completely steamrolling the competition until they raise that trophy.

Duke over Gonzaga

I am a huge Duke fan, and even with all of their close games they have managed to make me proud and get back to the elite 8. Gonzaga is a strong team with great players and solid coaching, but I honestly don’t see Duke blowing it this late in the tournament.

Louisville over Michigan State 

I will admit I didn’t really give either of these teams much of a chance to get here, but they have shown to be consistent year after year. Over the past ten years these two teams have a combined 6 final four appearances, along with Louisville winning the championship 2 years ago. This one was a hard decision but I have to pick Louisville in a very close game, this one will surely be exciting wire to wire.

So there you have it, my final four teams are Wisconsin, Kentucky, Duke, and Louisville. I hope all of the games are as exciting as the rest of the tournament has been. I look forward to enjoying this great weekend of college basketball.