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Professional wrestling is a fake sport, but the entertainment connected to it is very real. This billion dollar industry has managed to thrill youth and adults alike via advanced use of suspension of disbelief. As a kid I loved tuning into the WWE on Saturday afternoons to watch Hulk Hogan beat up on Jake the snake, but times have changed and the show that is wrestling is very different from the show I once enjoyed. Professional wrestling is a soap opera, once marketed almost exclusively to grown men, that has now turned into a “family show.” While many, including myself, would not see this as proper entertainment for young children, the WWE has fully embraced this new “PG” vibe. When I was a child, wrestling was not for children, but that is what made me love it, and what made it so popular among children in the 90s. Today, the WWE is like a monster truck show, it has become a show targeted to children and to a niche market of adults who wish to see it return to its prominence. The WWE is still very popular, and the attendance at events such as Wrestlemania, show that it is still making plenty of money, but I feel as though the product is lacking the flavor that made it so special 20 years ago. I know there will never be another Macho Man or another Razor Ramon, but the WWE needs to continue creating new exciting characters that appeal to adults that give us a reason to keep paying to believe in what we know isn’t real.