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In honor of today, I was just going to leave this blank, but where is the fun in that?

April Fools is a day taken once a year to make a fool of one another by playing generally harmless pranks. The idea behind April Fools’ Day is actually an old one, as many cultures, over many centuries, have had a day in which they fooled their fellow man for whatever reason, but has the “foolishness” of this day gone too far? I have seen many pranks today, from the seemingly harmless “I’m pregnant” jokes down to the cruel burning bag of dog feces pranks, and I just wonder where do we leave the realm of harmless joke and fall into the field of ruthless bullying. Jokes these days have become extremely elaborate and in some cases extremely dangerous, as many try to reach new heights of annoyance with their coworkers and significant others. The pranks many are pulling today can easily be interpreted as crazy, mean, or even hateful to an outside observer. I don’t want to be too serious in post about April Fools, since I would be fooling myself, but I hope people use today wisely. Make sure you keep all of your jokes clean and friendly, because April 2nd can quickly be April breakups or firing day. Here are some pictures of my top four favorite breeds of dogs, consider it my uninspired April Fools’ Day gift to you, the reader, Happy April Fools’ Day.


Newfoundland puppy

french bulldog

kitten not dog