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I am one of those people who loves to travel, but I am not really the biggest fan of sightseeing. When I travel I am more interested in interacting with the people of whatever region or country I am visiting, because they are actually the most interesting attraction of the region. I know that sounds weird but, have you ever realized how quickly things change in only a few years? In this technological era you could visit a country twice in as short as five years and find that you are experiencing completely different things, and seeing very different sights from what you observed on your first trip. The museums and ancient artifacts of different cultures have lasted for centuries, but each individual who lives and has seen the changes in their country only lasts about 90 years, and has a story that only they can really tell. When I travel, I like to get a sense of the heart of a country, and people are the element that makes any society move. Next time you travel, try and get to know some of the “townies,” not only do they know the best foods, but you can also learn some interesting things about the location you are visiting.