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Furious 7 was a “thrill ride” from start to finish. The Fast and The Furious movie franchise, which was once about cars, is now completely action, and I must say I couldn’t be more excited about the switch. I started watching this movie series around the forth installment, after it took the turn from a driving movie to more of a heist movie, and I was instantly hooked. I will not be releasing any spoilers about the film, all I will say is any Fast and Furious fan will love this movie. One of the stars of this film, Paul Walker, passed away during the making of this film, and I came into the theatre wondering how they would portray his character and how his final performance would honor his legacy. This movie was an inspiring tribute to Paul and the filmmakers perfectly captured his character, and the man behind the character. As for the film, it was just as anyone would expect, an overly dramatic, high energy action movie, full of unbelievable stunts, and physics defying movements that left me both awestruck and saying “how?” The action scenes and the writing of this movie perfectly blended all seven movies into what could possible be the final film in the franchise. The movie flowed smoothly, weaving in action and drama, leaving few if any lulls, and keeping me glued to the screen throughout. I honestly have no problems with the film, and I would recommend it to any adult who enjoys action movies, if you are on the fence about Furious 7, see it, it is well worth the money.