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Jeopardy is probably my favorite trivia show, the show has been around for years and it has succeeded in keeping viewers and contestants consistently stumped by its ingenious questions. Jeopardy is a bit different from the standard trivia fare, as this show gives contestants answers and asks for the question as a response. Host, Alex Trebek, has done a fantastic job over the years, giving the answers to questions, and smugly correcting contestants for their incorrect responses. I have always wondered how and if the show could go on without Alex as the host, he has been a fixture on the show since before my birth, and I have grown to love his reactions to an absurd response by a contestant. We will all soon have to learn how the show goes on, as Trebek has announced that this will be his final season hosting. Over the past decade many long running television game shows have chosen a comedian to fill the role as the new host, and while I love the injection of comedy into an “old person’s” show, Jeopardy has an air about it that must be maintained. The new host of Jeopardy must be the kind of person who can be arrogant about his or her intelligence, without insulting the intelligence of the contestants. I can actually think of a few comedians who can fit the role held by Trebek, but in my opinion, the next host of jeopardy must be likable, intelligent, and a bit cocky. Jeopardy is a show that has no star, the show makes stars out of its contestants, I hope the new host can keep the focus on the show, and I hope the show stays the same in spite of the impending changes.