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I was or initially going to list 100 things that are most important to me for this my 100th post, but since it would be quite a feat to figure out what to put on the list, and how to rank each individual item, I have decided to go with a topic that involves on of the things that is most important to me. Today is National Siblings Day, I have never actually celebrated it, but I have several siblings and I am extremely grateful for them. I grew up in a rather large nuclear family, with an even bigger extended family, so I have experience living with and getting to know many different personality types. I have five siblings and we are all very different but strangely the same, siblings are like friends you have for life, that you can not break up with, as arguments with siblings are often petty and resolved quickly. While I was growing up, my siblings took on many roles such as, playmate, teacher, guardian, advisor, and confidant. As a younger sibling I always knew I had someone looking out for me, and as an older sibling, I know that no matter what I have to make sure the younger ones know I am always there to help. There is a bond between siblings that is not easily broken because, aside from having the highest probability of genetic similarity with these individuals, they are also the only people beside you parents, who have seen you fully grow and understand what and how you think. I will make an effort to celebrate with my siblings in some way. Today I will contact them and let them know that even when they get on my nerves, I still love them. Call you brothers and sisters today, and have a happy Siblings Day!