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In recent years online streaming services have become a home to the art of “binge watching.” Binge watching involves viewing an entire season of a television show in one sitting. Streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, have found a way to take advantage of this method of watching programs by creating original content and releasing it in blocks of several episodes. The newest program available for viewing online is Marvel’s Daredevil, it is a show based on a comic about a blind superhero who uses his day job as a lawyer in order to get closer to his targets. I have seen the first four episodes, and I am very happy with the writing and acting of the show. I love superhero based dramas, and my favorite superhero movie is The Punisher (2004), the protagonist of The Punisher incidentally happens to be a major antagonist in the Daredevil series, so that piqued my interest in this show a bit more. Marvel’s Daredevil is similar to the punisher in that the hero is a human, who happens to have extraordinary skills, both of these programs involve somewhat realistic people in outlandish situations, figuring out how to escape these situations with human strength or skill, they give a sense of realism to the world of superheroes. Daredevil is an extremely gritty show, with a plenty of violence so I would not recommend it to a child, but for an adult who either loves the comic, or is aware of Daredevil, this show is a must watch. This show does justice to a comic book character that was nearly thrown away after a terrible cinematic release years ago. The Daredevil film of 2003 should be completely disregarded when viewing this version of Daredevil. It seems as though the writers have figured out how to correctly portray one of the more complicated comic book characters, and I am eager to see what they decide to do next with the series.