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I have always had a profound love for animals, as a child I used to study heavily about different species and I was always extremely knowledgeable on all things wildlife. Sadly, as an adult I have strayed away from my interest, but from time to time I like to get back into my animal studies. Today, for some odd reason, I started thinking about ostriches, the ostrich is the worlds largest bird and the fact that they weigh in at over 400lbs proves that one would be hard pressed to find a larger fowl. Ostriches are fierce creatures, which not only have immense size, but they also have the ability to maintain blazing speeds over 30 mph. The ostrich’s quick pace actually reminds me of what brought me to thinking about this large bird in the first place. In cartoons ostriches were always portrayed as animals that got spooked quickly and hid their heads in a hole for safety, I never understood why such a speedy bird would do that, and I am just now finding out the tale of the head in the hole is a myth. I know I was an animal buff as a child, but I also really liked cartoons, so I didn’t really delve into the mater, since I knew cartoons were not reality. Ostriches do not hide from danger, they either run from it, or fight it, ostriches have even been known to kill lions when defending their young, so I’m sure they wouldn’t hide from a fight. I honestly don’t fully know why I decided to write about ostriches today, but I definitely learned something from researching the animal, hopefully you readers have gained a respect for the worlds largest bird, and possibly a desire to learn more about the many animals all around us.