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A hobby is an activity that is done solely for enjoyment, many common hobbies include hunting, playing video games, and reading. There are some fortunate people out there whose jobs are their hobbies, and while I know they are having fun at work, I wonder what they do for fun outside of work. I understand that most people have multiple hobbies, but I feel as though it would be easy to get sick of your favorite activity once it becomes your primary source of income. Doing something you love is important, but when others require you to do what you love, in a manner that you hate, it can quickly taint the joy behind it. I have met several former professional athletes, who quit their dream job due to the fact that they “no longer loved the game.” The sport these athletes played was their favorite hobby since they were children, and they were blessed enough to be able to get paid to enjoy what they loved, but the politics in the business of sports led to these athletes hating what they once called a hobby. Not all jobs based on hobbies end poorly, the most successful cases of hobbies turned jobs involve people who started their own businesses and became their own boss so to speak. These individuals stayed in control of the hobby, and kept it enjoyable. Hobbies are meant to be personal outlets or escape from the mundane facets of life, the act of enjoying a hobby is quickly ruined if it is forced. A hobby is an activity done for fun and for leisure, when a hobby turns into a job that you cannot control, all sense of leisure is lost and it just becomes another daily task that was once loved.