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I feel like I have been on a bird kick as of late, and it is completely unintentional. I am just pretty excited about what I just saw, I was walking around my neighborhood and I saw a blue jay. A blue jay is not exactly my favorite animal, but every time I see one I am brought back to memories of my childhood, when they were more common. I would just marvel at the sight of a blue colored bird, since blue was my favorite color and blue jays were so different from every other common city bird. Blue jays always interested me because they were more flashy than the standard pigeon or wren that I saw everyday in New York City, and while other children were busy chasing birds, I was searching for the lone blue jay in a group of pigeons, just looking for a chance to admire the unique bird. Before today it has been about 7 years since I have last seen a blue jay in my neighborhood, and seeing that one bird has really brightened my mood, the weather is getting warmer and hopefully the blue jay population is increasing in my area. I was unable to snap a clear photo of the bird I saw today but I did find an awesome shot online that id like to share, hopefully it brightens your day as it did mine.

bluejay pic