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Today marks the anniversary of the day Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in the Mlb, and in honor of his memory every player will wear the number “42.” There will never be another Jackie Robinson, he was the first African American to play in Major League Baseball, and he played extremely well in spite of the immense hate he received from opponents, fans, the media, and even his own team. Robinson was called up into the majors when half of the country was still facing segregation, and he willingly and gracefully took on a role that many would have failed in, or flat out refused to do. Throughout the years the media has tried and failed to label individuals as “the next Jackie Robinson,” but there will seriously never ever be another Jackie Robinson in America. At the time of Jackie’s Major League debut, African Americans were being systematically denied basic human rights, and being suppressed in almost every way from every angle. Robinson had to step into the spotlight and play better than everyone else, in order to prove that he was equal in talent to the rest of the Major Leagues. People like to look at Jackie as just a symbol, but he was so much more, when I think of the amount of strength it had to take him to succeed when the whole world seemed to be against him, I can only label him as a superhuman. When Robinson stepped onto the baseball field he just wanted to play ball, and by doing so he made it possible for everyone, no mater what ethnicity, to get the same chance he had. The true symbolism behind Jackie Robinson Day is that, while all players may not look the same, today they are all #42, and today they are all just ballplayers getting to live a dream. I will be wearing my #42 shirt all day in honor of this great athlete and superhero, cheers to Jackie Robinson.