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Last week I wrote a blog about Jeopardy and about how they were looking for a new host, there has not been much news on the host search, but I did throw my name into the hat for the contestant search. I am a huge fan of Jeopardy and when I watch the show I regularly find myself playing along and trying to see how far I would make it on the show. While I try my best to beat the champions, I find that sometimes I do really well, and other times I don’t do so well, but I am almost always competitive. I noticed that Jeopardy had an online test available, to see if I was a worthy contestant, so I jumped at the chance to show my skills. The Jeopardy online test consisted of 50 questions from 50 different categories, and each question had a 15 second time limit to answer. The questions were challenging, but reasonable, I honestly feel like there were only about eight questions that had me truly stumped. I understand that there are probably individuals out there who answered all of the questions correctly, but I am confident that I did well enough to make the cut. In my opinion it would be extremely difficult to “ace” this online test due to the sheer variety of the questions. I have witnessed the most brilliant of Jeopardy contestants humbled by a category about tween vernacular. The overall goal of the jeopardy online test is to find the most versatile candidates for the show. I hope I am chosen to get an audition, then I will really show them how unique a contestant I can be. If you are a Jeopardy fan or just a trivia whiz, I would definitely recommend you try your skill on the Jeopardy online test, you may just become the next Jeopardy star.