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The NBA playoffs are underway, and it is finally time for the real season to begin. I have said before that I am not a big fan of professional basketball but the playoffs is the  time when I find the season most watchable. In this post I will keep my predictions simple and just state my winners for each conference. In the west coast I have the Golden State Warriors winning, this team has it all, shooters, defensive studs, and a great coach. Steve Kerr has shocked the league by coming in as an overpaid first time coach, and taking the Warriors to the top of the league. The Warriors were a good team last year, but they have really stepped up to an elite team this year, and become the archetype for the perfect basketball franchise. My choice for the east is a bit more difficult, the teams in the east are good but any team can win in this wide open conference. The only team that really impressed me from the east is the Atlanta Hawks, however they have lost a large part of their defense with the season ending injury to Thabo Sefolosha. The Hawks were my late favorite to win the championship, but now I have the Hawks losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the eastern conference finals, since they no longer have the complete team needed to deal with the play of Lebron James. I believe the NBA finals will be competitive, but I can easily see the Warriors defeating the Cavaliers in five games. I am aware that many may find my prediction absurd, but if the Cavs get a chance to play a sixth game, they will win the finals in seven. Lebron James is just too good at coordinating an offense, and with the cache of talented veterans on the team, I am sure they would not go down without a legitimate fight. The teams are set and the playoffs have already begun, so far it looks like this will be one for the ages.