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Let me start by stating the obvious Tebow does not throw a football very well, at least compared to the average NFL quarterback. I have watched Tim Tebow play for years, and while he knows how to win football games, he is just not a viable NFL quarterback option for most teams. I know, I sound like a basic Tebow hater, but I am actually a big fan of Tim Tebow. It was extremely exciting watching him seemingly take over the football field as he lead the Broncos to the playoffs, and I always wanted the league to give him another chance, but at this point Tebow’s recent signing by the Eagles seems a bit fishy to me. On paper, Tebow would be a fantastic quarterback in Chip Kelly’s high speed offense, he has the mobile skills necessary to run the option, and he also has a keen ability to make plays on the fly. The Eagles would be wise to utilize Tebow as their starting quarterback, however the fact that they currently hold two other legitimate starting quarterbacks on their roster shows that his addition to the team is most likely for different reasons. I am a New York Giants fan, so I really don’t mind if the Eagles completely decimate their team in the pursuit of their absurd championship dreams, but I am excited that Tebow is back in the NFL. The NFL season kickoff is still months away, and with this latest signing all football media is ready to set their watches to Tebow Time. At this point I can only speculate on how Tebow will be used, but as long as he stays in the NFL, I will be eagerly watching to see if he has any more spectacular finishes left to share with fans.