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Today is Earth Day, a day in which people try and do their best to fix what human industrialization has done to the earth. Earth Day was created as a way to shine a light on the problems plaguing the planet, as well as to look at ways we can improve how we interact with the Earth. I am all for the idea that we can implement small changes to make the world a better place, I am especially interested in changes we can make to help the people of the world live safer lives. I am not a huge environmentalist, but I love nature and I love animals, anything that can preserve the way I see nature for future generations is acceptable as long as it doesn’t harm the people of today. Our planet is important, but if there are no people on it to enjoy it, all of the environmental initiatives enacted today will be for nothing. I would like to see more international clean water programs created, in order for people in third world countries to gain access to this much needed resource. If we can start a new “clean energy” revolution in less developed counties, we may actually be able to completely do away with the issues man has likely caused on this planet. I hope the citizens of this planet use the next decade to not only improve our interactions with the planet, but also to make Earth a safer, more inhabitable place for all.