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Over the past couple of weeks, there has been an influx of coyotes into New York City. Coyotes have showed up in almost every borough, and are causing quite a stir in the city streets. I love animals, and I like seeing them naturally in their habitats, but it is always alarming when their habitats start merging with major cities. The case of coyotes in the city is alarming because they have been in New York State for years, but they have never had a reason to journey so deep into the city. Where I live, there are nature preserves and wooded areas, so the occasional coyote or dear sighting does happen, but in the heart of Manhattan this is unprecedented. My concern is that all of the new developments in upper New York are forcing these animals to find new homes, and a new food source. The city is rapidly changing, and while these new developments are creating short term construction jobs, they are possibly hurting our environment and causing harm to wildlife. Government officials need to reevaluate the locations where urban development projects can occur, because coyotes and other wildlife are not only harmful to themselves, but very harmful to children and pets. Hopefully this episode of coyote vacations to the city ends swiftly, with no injury to man or beast.