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The NFL draft is only days away, and I as a football fan, am extremely excited. I see the NFL draft as the first official day of the NFL season, and the day that teams set as the turning point for the future of their franchise. In the draft each team gets to choose the best talent available from a pool of eligible college players, with the season’s worst team getting the first pick. This year my favorite team, the New York Giants, did quite poorly and ended up with the 9th pick in the draft. While I was upset at the outcome of the season, I am excited for the team’s future. The Giants faced many injuries last year, and did not fully get a grasp of their new offensive scheme until halfway through the season, so this new year should bring only optimism for Giants fans. After watching last season it is clear that the Giants have several spots where they could draft top talent to fill, but the Giants have always shown to be a team that drafts the best player available, no matter the position, or if they need the player. I am confident in the abilities of the Giants’ front office to do what is right for the team, they have showed time and time again that they know what they are doing, and they keep a positive vision of the future of the team. The NFL is a competitive league, and with 31 other teams in the same position as the Giants, it would be absurd for me to say they will definitely win the Super Bowl next year, but as a fan I wouldn’t dare believe anything different.