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There is an event going on today in New York City that mixes sports with bacon in an amazing display. Today is the Beer and Bacon classic, it is an event that travels to different baseball stadiums throughout the country boasting some of the finest bacon delicacies the mind can imagine, as well as an impressive variety of craft beers from small local breweries. I attended the event last year and immediately decided to return after tasting the bacon wrapped elk burger. The Beer and Bacon classic is a perfect time to get a chance to roam around a baseball stadium and grab some delicious eats, while playing games and chatting with friends. This year’s event has expanded to the upper decks so there will be much more to see, and more interesting bacon based snacks to try. This event is amazing for anyone who enjoys bacon and doesn’t mind sampling a few exotic beers and treats, but needless to say, this is not much of an event for a vegan, almost every meal available involves some sort of meat product with a bacon twist added. This year I am most excited to try out the bacon accented snacks, last year there was a bacon and ice cream shake that was quite tasty and interesting. There are millions of delicious treats that can be created with the addition of bacon, I am going to make sure I pace myself correctly and try out all of the event’s fantastic meals.