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I didn’t have much time to get to blogging today so I will just wrote a short piece about my opinion on trophy hunting. I have said before that I love animals, and that I love observing them in their natural habitats. While I love animals I have nothing against hunting in general, since it is at times necessary, but I am strongly against the act of trophy hunting as it is presently practiced. Trophy hunters target animals like lions and giraffes in an effort to keep parts of the animal as a prize. Most trophy hunters do no use the hunted animal for food or clothing, and many of them hunt endangered species. I understand that some people hunt for fun, and that hunting is considered a sport, but I can not endorse any behavior that could possibly harm an entire species. My overall stance on trophy hunting is that it is a hobby that some may enjoy, and I respect the right of these hunters to partake in what they love. I just think trophy hunting needs to be heavily regulated and policed, I would hate to see the world deprived of another beautiful animal due to the greed of man, and a desire to put it on a mantle.