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The broken narrative of the news media in the midst of the civil unrest in Baltimore is extremely alarming. For those who are unaware of what is going on, there was a young man who was fatally injured while in police custody, his death has lead to protests and riots throughout the city. The young man, Freddie Gray, was arrested by police officers under what they called normal circumstances but was then hospitalized with a severed spine, which lead to his death. My stance on this as an American is that nobody deserves to be punished before a trial, and my stance on this as a human is that nobody deserves to die in such a brutal way. The news media is showing a picture of brutality and war in the streets of Baltimore that has only lead to extreme reactions from the many who are too ignorant, or too preoccupied to look into the situation as a whole. The fact of the matter is that a young man is now dead, after being simply taken into custody, and many people are taking action rather than asking the necessary questions we all have about the situation. I have an eclectic group of friends, and just seeing the varying views on social media causes me to believe that this issue is much bigger than Baltimore, and the news media is doing nothing more than causing widespread separation in a country that ironically has the word “united” in its name. In the midst of the wild riots of confused and at times foolish young people, there are large united groups of all ages and ethnicities peacefully trying to quell the confusion, and air their grievances. The news has refused to cover any of the peaceful protests or any of the peaceful crowd interactions with the police, and this is really causing me to question just how united the news producers want this country to be. I understand that two wrongs will never make a right, but when all we are shown is turmoil, there can never be progress. I hate what I am seeing on the news and I am even more upset that many people are not taking the time to fully understand what is going on all around Baltimore. The only thing I have learned from the news that I will agree with is that peace must be brought back to that city, and the road to peace starts with the media giving some airtime to those advocating it.