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Over the past couple of days my younger brother was home to visit, so we randomly decided to attend every Yankee game of their most recent home series. The proposition of attending a sporting event is always welcomed, but the fact that I find baseball games to be quite tedious made me apprehensive to the idea of watching three games in a row. While I did have plenty of fun watching the Yankees win the first couple of games, I was quickly burnt out while sitting in the heat of the third game and I had to leave early, a decision I am thankful I made since the game went into extra innings. I love the Yankees, but I am really not as big a fan of baseball as I was when I was a child. When I go to baseball games these days, I am only interested in two things, great pitching matchups, and fantastic hitters, I am more of a fan of the individual players’ talents than I am of the actual game. In this series the pitching matchups were not very strong, but the young pitchers on the scheduled did a great job at keeping me entertained and keeping the game competitive. The Yankees and the Rays are two teams that seem to be in a rebuilding phase, so they are not the most exciting teams to watch at the moment, but the ability to get out and watch some baseball reminded me why I love the summer. The Yankees won the first two games of the series, and lost the third in a dreadful extra inning game, but all things considered it was beautiful outside and perfect weather to enjoy spending time with family and friends. With summer on the way and ticket prices relatively low, I definitely recommend a nice baseball game to anyone who interested in “catching some Sun,” and cheering on the home team.