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The NFL draft is here, it is the day in which a bunch of young adults become instant millionaires. I have said before that I am a huge football fan, so needless to say, I am very excited for this weekend’s festivities. There are a few very interesting rumors going around about the NFL draft this year, so I decided to throw my opinion into the ring and give my three bold predictions about the draft.

  1. Jameis Winston will be drafted first

This one isn’t very bold, but it is not a sure thing. Jameis is the best talent available, and he is exactly what the Buccaneers need to get to the next level. Unless another team sets up a ridiculously lopsided trade package, Jameis will be a Buccaneer by the end of this evening.

  1. The Eagles will trade up in order to draft Marcus Mariota 

This has been a rumor for weeks, and the eagles have been making odd moves all offseason to seemingly create a solid trade package for the Oregon QB. I know this one is just a rumor, but it seems like Philadelphia is the most likely outcome for where Mariota will go. The coach likes him, and the offense was built for him, all the Eagles need to do now is figure out how to draft him.

  1. Adrian Peterson will be traded before the end of the draft 

Adrian Peterson, the league’s best running back, has stated that he no longer wants to play for the Minnesota Vikings and has openly spoken of teams he would rather join. The Vikings hold all of the cards in any kind of negotiation, since Peterson is under contract, and has already expressed his displeasure with the organization. I expect an eager suitor to overwhelm the Vikings with players and draft picks in order to gain the services of Peterson next season.

Today is the unofficial start of the NFL season, so if you are a football fan, I definitely recommend checking out what your team has planned for today’s event. I am confident in my predictions, so I will be watching closely to see if I am correct. Draft day is a huge day for many families, I hope the best for the players drafted, and I am excited to see the future stars take their first steps into the NFL.