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Boxing has become something of a niche sports, this event which was once seen as nationally compelling has in recent years been relegated to a cult following. Today it seems like the sport of boxing will finally return to the limelight as the world’s best boxer matches up with the world’s best puncher. Floyd Mayweather, is arguably the world’s best boxer, he has a record of 47-0 and is known for his crafty tactics in the ring, many people argue that Mayweather lacks “knockout power,” but I consider boxing to be just as much about evasion as it is about punching. Floyd’s opponent, Manny Pacquiao, is a hard punching beast in the ring, he is known for packing a larger punch than his size, and for being extremely scrappy. The fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao, has been a pipe dream for boxing fans for the past 6 years, many believed that this would be the fight that brings boxing back to mainstream, but petty squabbles have kept the camps far away from coming to an agreement until now. This fight is a big deal, and even though the fighters are a bit older than desired, this fight has the ability to take on the folklore of legendary battles like Ali vs Frazier. I have no prediction for this fight since I am just trying to enjoy it, and as George Foreman once said, “once you make a prediction, you start rooting for someone.” I like both boxers for different reasons, and I, along with most of the country, will be sitting back and enjoying what looks to be “The Fight of the Century.”