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I told a couple of friends that I was looking to lose a bit of weight in a short time and they all recommended the Atkins diet. I decided to start the Atkins diet, and it is much harder than I expected. Atkins is a low carb diet that basically eliminates 90% of my average diet, as I have stopped eating bread, cereal, potatoes, and every tasty snack known to man. The function of the Atkins diet is to lose weight at a rapid pace, and if an individual is healthy enough to maintain the stress on their body, this is one of the best ways to trim down quickly. The diet works by depriving the body of carbs, and forcing it to search for a new energy source, the body then turns to using fat as energy. During the first couple of days on this diet I found myself extremely tired, I really don’t enjoy the feeling, since I am not one who is a fan of lethargy, but I have since found different foods that I can use to boost my energy. I don’t expect to see instant results but this is a diet that is difficult to adhere to, so I hope I notice something eventually. I haven’t been on this diet long, but I really wouldn’t recommend it, I have been told that the first few days are the hardest, but I can’t see how anyone with an active lifestyle can be content with the lack of energy. A positive takeaway I have from going on this diet is the fact that my cooking ability has increased immensely, the lack of bread in my diet has shown me just how much I rely on it for sustenance. I will continue to give Atkins a try, but if it starts to adversely affect my daily life, I will have to stop and just modify my workout schedule.