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Over the past weekend two major events took place in entertainment, both were drenched in an unbelievable amount of publicity, and both events received plenty of criticism for not living up to the hype. The two events I am referring two are “The Fight of the Century: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao,” and the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. I feel as though many people today are actually more interested in the publicity value of an event than the actual event, and this was shown perfectly by the amount of non boxing fans willing to spend 100 dollars to watch a sport in which they have no interest. Many people were upset with the lack of “action” in the boxing match, many people tuned in expecting to see Rocky 6, but were upset with the tactical nature of the match. I have watched many Mayweather fights, and he fought the same way he always does, he was never much of a puncher, and he eludes as many punches as he can. This boxing match was classic Mayweather, I feel as though the individuals who were disappointed in the match were just betrayed by the hype. The new Avengers movie had the same issue as the fight, many were unhappy with the action of the movie after all of the build up. I understand the poor reviews of the Avengers film since the last one was extremely action packed, but given the amount of characters they had to introduce, it would’ve been too hard to make the movie more action packed without splitting it into two films. I enjoyed both the boxing match and the film that was released this weekend, and while I respect the opinions of others, I think people need to taper their expectations and not give into the hype so easily. Hype is a machine used to get people excited for events, but it is ultimately the individual that must decide whether the event is worth their time and money.