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Baseball, one of America’s oldest sports, is finally going through some changes. There is a new commissioner in town and he is looking to make his mark on the aging sport. Rob Manfred, in his first year as commissioner, has already implemented a new countdown clock in efforts to speed up the game, and now he is looking to shorten the season. I love the idea of shortening the season, I think it is perfect for the fans, and for the players who have to endure 183 days away from their families. Baseball currently has a 162 game season, and in some divisions the games are no longer competitive after about 90 games. Aside from no longer having to watch a team run away with a pennant, I would be glad to see players getting the chance to spend more time with their families and away from the troubles of traveling. It is early in the Manfred era, but as a casual baseball fan I am excited about the changes he is bringing the sport. I am confident that under the leadership of Manfred, baseball will once again be known as “America’s Sport,” and I am eager to see what other changes he has in store for the old ball game.