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Science is actually more fun than what is being taught in school theses days. I understand that students need the building blocks in order to fully grasp a topic, but science is much more than names of rocks and classifications of animals. As I was growing up I had the ability to discover science differently from my peers, since my mother is a science teacher everything I did had some base in science, and I was taught in a practical way. Many people see science as a chore or a task that has to be completed in order to graduate, but for me it was always presented as a chance to discover how things work. A big part in my love of science and in any person’s love of science is how it is presented. I remember when I was first taught physics, I was given the basics of the subject, pretty much just enough to bore me and keep me uninterested, but when I took it in college I really got a chance to put my studies in motion and learn the subject as more than just words on a page. I think science should be taught differently in elementary schools, since there is so much fun to be had in the subject. Recent statistics have shown that American schools are failing when it comes to the sciences, in my opinion, the best way to actually get kids interested in science is to show them the best practical uses of the subject to entice them into getting far enough to recreate the experiments. There are many teachers out there who use the approach to teaching that I endorse, and I applaud them and thank them for raising a generation of student who love science. I would love to see the educational system shift over to more practical studies, since science is very important to the future of any nation and students need a chance to be able to enjoy the subject.