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What can I say about mothers on Mother’s Day? They are the first to carry us and protect us from harm, the ones we run to when we scrap our knee, and the women who nourish us to maturity. Across all species mothers hold an important role of making sure their children grow up with the ability to care for themselves, and they are universally loved for that. I am very thankful for my Mother, and all of the sacrifices she had to endure to be able to get me and my siblings to where we are. My mother was my first teacher, she taught me that it is not an option to quit, anything that I have or will achieve in life is due to the perseverance she helped instill in me. I would like to wish the happiest Mother’s Day to my mother and to all mothers out there, biological, adoptive, and any other, you mothers are the reason children strive to be great, and I am thankful for the contributions you have made to society. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!