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Deflategate is a foolish word, made to describe the foolish actions of New England Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady. A recent investigation has shown that the quarterback not only knew about the case of the deflated footballs his team was accused of late last year, but he also directed the individuals who perpetrated the act. Brady held a long press conference in which he basically lied about his involvement in the case, while throwing the men he appointed to commit the acts under the bus, many felt he was being dishonest based on the fact that the quarterback is in charge of making sure the football is in playing condition. I am not surprised at the actions of Brady or the Patriots, as this is just one offense in a long list of indiscretions by the team. The Patriots have cheated before by filming the practice routines of other teams, the fact that they cheated again makes it seems as though they really have no remorse for getting caught, and no regard for the integrity of the game. The penalties have been handed down for the team’s involvement in these despicable acts, and in my opinion the punishment amounts to nothing more than a slap on the wrist. This billion plus dollar team has been fined one million dollars, and Tom Brady has been suspended for four games, the team also loses a couple of draft picks in the next two year. The fine that the team has to pay is a joke, Tom Brady, who is suspended without pay makes about 500,000 per game, so the team ends up making money on this punishment. Another issue I have with the “punishment” is how the team will lose draft picks, the only people hurt by this penalty are draft prospects, since one player will make substantially less money than he would have if all 32 teams picked in the first round. Overall I think the NFL dropped the ball on this punishment, and as a football fan, I just hope the NFL will be a bit more strict on repeat offenders in the future.