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“I remember when I was younger,” that is a phrase people will use multiple times during their life, I used to think I would always be “in the loop.” I knew what clothes to wear, and what was considered cool. I used to have a notion that I would never get old, and that I would always understand what is being said when “hip terms” are being used, but sadly age has hit me like a lightning bolt, and to be honest I’m not all that sad about it. Today, as I was speaking with my younger brother, I found that I had to ask him about the meanings of some of the slang terms being used today. As few as five years ago, I was under the impression that I would always know the meanings of these nonsensical terms, but as I have grown I have found that they are unnecessary to living my daily life. Slang terms are words used to describe a situation or an individual, that have been created by children due to their ease of use. Slang can also be used as a method to fit in with one’s peers, and show solidarity as a group. I have no use for slang in my everyday life, because I don’t really find myself in situations where it is standard vernacular, and I could always just ask a younger sibling or cousin about the meaning. Today I gathered a realization of just how much people can change in a very short time. Growing up does not mean you are no longer “cool,” it just means that priorities change, and what was once considered notable knowledge has gone away along with the toys and the stickers.