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A talent is a special ability that allows an individual to masterfully complete a task. Often times it seems as though talents are simply given, and that people with specific talents excel in their art effortlessly, but talents take molding and can be easily lost when they are taken for granted. When I listen to the works of some of history’s most talented musicians, I realize they were not born playing as beautifully as they did, they had to learn an art and tap into the talent necessary to perfect the skill. It is often said that everyone has talents, and while I fully agree with that statement, I believe it comes with certain conditions. Everyone has talents, but many people never get a chance to actually learn the source of their talents. There are many reasons people never learn their talents, the most common reason is a lack of confidence. A talented singer or dancer would never have learn about their abilities of they were too concerned with the opinions of others. Anybody who effectively taps into their talent either found it at a young age, or confidently went after their passion in spite of doubters. Talents are special abilities that every human being holds, I think everyone who has yet to find their talents should try out new things in order to reach their untapped potential.