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Hockey is a sport that is played worldwide, well not exactly worldwide, but at least in the United States and Europe. Hockey involves shooting a puck into a net while skating on ice. The sport can be described as a mix between soccer, rugby, and polo, as it takes both skill and strength to effectively win a game. Hockey has seen a drop in interest since the mid 1990s and North America’s professional hockey league, the NHL, was almost dissolved after a lockout a few years ago, but it is slowly growing back to relevance. I remember in the year of the lockout, I felt like the NHL should’ve just been shut down for good. I never hated the sport of hockey, but I just thought it wasn’t appealing enough to keep a casual fan base entertained, I have since learned that watching hockey can be quite interesting, it just needs better sponsorships. The sport of hockey gets very little respect and airtime in the United States, when I travelled to Canada, I noticed how much the people enjoyed watching the sport and noted just how little enthusiasm Americans have for it. In Montreal, every playoff game for the home team was like the Super Bowl, and the team had the full support of their city behind them, but here hockey is just another sport that many choose to ignore. Hockey is a sport that could really benefit from more exposure, but it seems that as it stands, the USA may be done entertaining the presence of this niche sport.