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The commercialization of flying cars is a scary thought, with development of these vehicles quickly increasing, it is a foregone conclusion that one day Mr. Everyman will be able to get his hands on one of these dangerous flying machines. I know that commercial production of the flying car is most likely at least five years away, and it will take plenty of regulations and licensing to get these cars into the hands of the public, but just knowing these cars may someday be common modes of transportation is a bit chilling. Judging from the way people drive these days, I couldn’t fathom a rollout of flying cars going without a hitch. Road rage is a huge problem and with people shooting and ramming into one another over small disagreements it is hard to imagine what they would do with the ability to take these quarrels to the skies. Aside from road or air rage, flying cars would be hard to secure, I remember seeing a video of a child who stole his mother’s car to go on a joyride, this car ended up smashing into several parked cars, but if it was a flying car the damages would have been catastrophic. I can think of situations in which having a flying car would be quite favorable, but the overall problem with having these machines sold to the masses is the dangers they would cause to the public. I know flying cars are coming, and just based on the physics of the machines, we won’t be seeing any Jetsons like intersections for a while, I just hope every safety measure is put in place to make sure the vehicles are operated properly and intelligently when they finally get to market.