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Today is one of those days that I feel like just resting, it may be due to my activities from yesterday, but I am completely drained. It is weird that at times it can be hard to distinguish between being lazy and being tired, both feelings are similar, but both are mentally contended with differently. I would like to say that I am tired since I did have a busy day and I don’t exactly have anything notable to do today, but tiredness could be considered a form of laziness if I have tasks that need to be completed eventually. I guess my feelings today go back to the fact that I have a difficult time relaxing, so if I have task that need completion and I am in a location where I can complete these tasks, I would rather not leave them undone. Laziness is the unwillingness to do work or expend energy, and tiredness is the lack of energy, while I have an abundance of mental energy at the moment, physically I am drained. I guess I can conclude that I am just tired, so instead of worrying about what I could be doing, I will relax and rest up for a more productive day tomorrow.